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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Moose Don't Moo

Ok, so I have not been very good about keeping this blog that I just recently started.  This is what happens.  I get on the computer all ready to start writing...and then I look at the blog updates from others that I follow, I get reading and reading, and the next thing I know my "time"is up and I here the kids stirring.  And, oh yah - I still haven't made the bottles! 

So, I just did some reading, but I am going to cut it short so that I might get a little written on my own.

I have to tell you about the funniest of Parker's recent accomplishments.  He loves to say "moo".  He started by just saying kind of a "ma" or "mo", but it has since developed into a very distinct "moo".  And he knows what it means.  We often say "Parker what does a cow say?" and he will in turn give us a resounding "moo".  I always smile.  I also smile because Brady is loudly saying "moo" also.  Like, "duh, mom!" 

Parker has developed such a liking to his new word that he even woke up from his nap peacefully (for a change) and was quietly mooing in his crib.  Really?  Just melts my heart. 

But the kicker of it all was the other night as I was feeding them dinner.  Both Brady and Parker love music and so often I will put on their moose CD, which Grandma got for them in Montana.  (the BESTkids CD ever!) Well, one of the songs is called "A Moose don't Moo"  and the lyrics go something like this:

Moose don't moo the way milk cows do.

That is about all that I can remember.  But it repeats this chorus often and there are many "moos" throughout the song.  Well, Parker wanted to chime in.  He just kept saying "moo" throughout the whole song with a big smile on his face.  So here I am trying to feed this child (who struggles eating as it is) and he is mooing.  That's right, he has a mouthful of pureed lasagna and is smiling and mooing.  I started laughing, he started laughing, Brady started laughing, even Ryder was squealing.  It was such a hilarious moment.  So we took a break from the lasagna and sang and danced around the kitchen for the rest of that song.   Because maybe moose don't moo...but my Parker man do! 

Moose Tunes for Kids
This is not an advertisement.  I just love this CD and would recommend it. 

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  1. Moo on, PARKER!!! Marcy, your boys are adorable.


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