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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ryder Turns 1

It seems like just yesterday that Ryder was born.  Seriously, where did the year go?  And as I am saying that, I realize how old I sound.  I remember being younger and hearing adults say "where has the time gone?" and thinking they were crazy.  Time seemed to go very slow as a young kid.  It seemed like Christmas would never get here.  It seemed like summer break was so long away!  It seemed like time ticked by so slowly.   Aaahhh, what I wouldn't give for that right now.

So, anyway, back to Ryder.  He turned one last Sunday, June 3rd.

Even though the weather at the beginning of June can be unpredictable, we decided to do a BBQ in our backyard for his party.  It had been so nice here lately and we had already gotten all of our spring clean up done outside so we thought we would chance it!  It was mostly just family anyway, so we new we could come inside if needed.

I started getting a little nervous because the weather changed and the previous days turned rainy and cloudy.  But we lucked out.  On Saturday morning it rained, but then it cleared up and the sun came out, just for my baby boy!  So we wiped off all of the outdoors things and let the sun dry things up.

Double the Grandmas = Double the Love!

We had a monkey theme because, well, it's cute and that is how Ryder's room is decorated.  It was a great time.  We were surrounded by family, all the people who love and support us.  We grilled up some burgers, had some cold beverages, and enjoyed each others company.


Eventually we moved inside for the cake.  Brady and I  had to help Ryder blow out the candle, but he definitely didn't need help smashing his cake.  He had a great time and then Brady and Parker joined in on the fun.  Pretty soon there was blue and white frosting everywhere!  (blue frosting is maybe not the best choice for a smash cake)

We opened presents next.  Well, I opened them, and the boys ran around crazy with each new toy. 

Ryder loved his toys!

It was a fun-filled day with great people.  Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating our little man with us!

Happy 1st Birthday Ryder Paul!  You are such a special gift to us.  We love you so much!

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