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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ryder Walks...and Dances!

It is so interesting to see the differences between all 3 of my boys.  They each have their own distinct personalities and mannerisms.  Ryder is a hoot!  He is precocious and loud and yet as sweet as can be.  He was also born at 38 weeks so it is probably to be expected that he reach milestones and develop faster than Brady and Parker.  Well, he has already started with that.  He is not even a year old and he already took his first steps a week ago!  Yikes!  I am not ready for that.  Brady didn't walk until he was about 15 months so I was thinking I still had more time with Ryder crawling.  Not so.  He is going to be on the move soon.  His steps are very small and pretty shaky, but they are there. 

But I have to tell you what he really does that just cracks me up.  He has always loved music (all 3 boys do).  But Ryder loves it so much that if he is in the middle of playing with a toy and he hears Jimmy start to play the guitar, he will squeal/yell with delight, drop the toy, and crawl as fast as he can to the coffee table where he will stand and dance.  His version of dance is not quite going to make it on Dancing With the Stars, but it is pretty great.  He squats up and down and sways back and forth, sometimes throwing a little head shake into it.  He will dance to almost anything, it doesn't have to be the guitar.  He likes the Super Why song (which I can't stand because it gets stuck in my head all day long), he likes the music that is on his farm set, and he will even get his groove on when we just start chanting/singing "Go Ryder, Go Ryder, Go go go Ryder".   It makes me laugh so hard, I love it!

He is one amazing little boy.

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